Switching your primary Google domain does have several impacts on gPanel that customers should be aware of. While some of these may not impact all customers or be immediately visible, we do urge customers who are considering switching their primary domain to review these items carefully. 


  • Pre-configured items and jobs such as Signature Templates, Bulk Operations, Policies, Reports will be lost. 
    • Workaround: These items will need to be re-created by the customer after the swap. 
  • May see errors or be unable to purchase additional licenses from gPanel. 
    • Workaround: Please inform Promevo of the new primary domain. We can update your subscription to resolve this. 

Required Actions:

  • Please let support@promevo.com know what your new primary domain is. This will allow us to update our systems to mitigate some of the impacts that can be seen if this is not addressed. 

This process of updating your gPanel subscription does not impact any of your GSuite accounts or data, but please be aware that there are impacts on Google's end of the actual Primary domain switch itself and we do urge customers to review those impacts as well if they are considering a Primary domain change in their Google environment. 

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