If you need to switch a Chromebox for Meetings device into a traditional Chromebox or Digital Signage device, you can do so with the steps below. Please be aware that this will require that you have ChromeOS or Single App Kiosk licenses available. 

Please be aware this process depends on deprovisioning the device first. 

Convert CfM into ChromeOS Chromebox

  • Wipe device with the paper clip or usb drive re-image process. 
  • At settings screen (Language,  Keyboard, Time Zone, Network)
  • press the CTRL, ALT, H combination
    • Will ask you if you want to use this device as a Chromebox for Meetings device
    • press No
  • You will then be brought to the Sign into your Chromebox screen
    • Don't sign in
  • Press CTRL, ALT, E
  • You will then be brought to the Enterprise Enrollment screen. Go ahead and sign into the device with your Google Apps account to complete the enrollment of the device.

You should see the device listed under Chrome Devices instead of Chromebox for Meetings Devices at this point.