There is a current known issue regarding indexing that is being investigated. New users, groups, and orgs that are created in the Google Admin Console are not being picked up by the automatic Indexing in gPanel. This results in the items not showing up in gPanel or through the gPanel search. 

We are currently investigating this issue and will post any updates here. 

1/20/2016 12:14 pm EST Update: 

The root cause of this issue has been determined. There is a known issue on Google's end where new user creation is not returning via their APIs. There is not a current ETA from Google on the resolution to this, but we will update this post as we receive additional information from Google. In the meantime, please continue to use the work around to be able to view new users that are not created via gPanel. 

Work Around:

As a work around, you can manually kick off a full index in gPanel and this will update the newly created items. To do so, follow the steps below or view the Indexing help article here

  • Navigate to Administration > Settings >Indexing
  • Click on Index DOMAIN, where DOMAIN is your primary domain.