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gScholar - Policy Violation Notifications - Include Policy Name In Email

I'd just like to request that policy violation notifications that are sent via email include the name of the policy that was violated. 

I work at a school and have recently set up 50+ policies to block various sites that students try accessing during class time. I've blocked many "unblock" or "tunnel" websites by their URL but I have also set up a keyword block for "proxy", "unblock", and "VPN" to make the blocking process less time intensive. (The students can find more sites in a day than I have time to block by URL)

I have the issue now where a student is being blocked from accessing his coursework through an online platform we use. Looking through the notification alerts, I see the URL and I do not notice anything in it that would violate any of the keyword policies that are set up; yet the message included in the email leads me to believe it's one of the aforementioned keyword policies. I had initially set them to use the same message and was able to find the policy that was blocking access to the course work site by changing the message for each policy to be unique; and therefore identifying. 

However, I believe it would have made my work easier to just include the policy name in the notification email I had received. 

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