Known current issue with Google Drive, 5/03/2017

Update 4:00 pm EDT

Google is reporting that the issue with Drive has been resolved at this point. 

For customers who are concerned that end users may have been opening the false document shares, we always recommended the following items:

- Set up and enable 2 Factor Authentication when possible.. 

- Reset Passwords

- Enable the Suspicious Login Activity under the Reports section in the Google Admin Console 

- Ensure your end users are aware that they should not be opening the links and can recognize phishing attempts

- Have end users utilize the Security Checkup features in

As always, if you have any questions on the best practice security items or need further information on configuring any of the above items please email and we will be more than happy to further assist. 

Google has posted publicly on their outage dashboard regarding current issues with Drive. We are aware of this, the only update Google has currently is acknowledging there has been a few reported issues and they are looking into it. 

Google will be posting further updates as they become available at the GSuite Status Dashboard -  linked below.

Please check the dashboard for further details. If we receive any additional details we will also update this post

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